Rant over Nitrous.IO

So I realize this may not apply to a lot of people, but I just have to vent. I AM SO MAD THAT NITROUS.IO IS MOVING TO PRO. Okay there, it’s out.  I used Nitrous for my web programing and cyber security class, and it’s great. I would say if you’re interested in a full programing environment for web-apps you should look into it. BUT YOU CAN’T. At least not for free. I programed web apps in ruby on rails and came to love nitrous’ user friendly interface. I was planning on using it for my senior capstone, but not anymore. It’s not like couldn’t afford it for just one semester, it’s more the point of it. I have a very organic view of programming. I love open source, I love collaboration and making a once-free service a subscription service goes completely against that view.

The professor who taught my class won’t be teaching on nitrous anymore and that means that those hundred students or so will never be introduced to it. I know I won’t be switching to Pro, will you?


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