Throwback Makeup Habits (High school)

It seems like everyone changes their makeup routine from time to time, or if you’re like me and have makeup ADD, every two weeks or so. I will be posting my current routine soon, but for now I thought I would do a throwback to all my old habits. Some of these are so bad, I won’t even say “be nice”. Feel free to openly mock me in the comments section.

1.The Thick Eyeliner. Welcome to 2008 aka freshmen year of high school. I really started to use eyeliner around this time and I didn’t quite get the concept. My friends and I thought it looked good to draw a black line across most of our eyelid. Was it eyeliner? Eye shadow? A Tattoo? Who knows.


2. Sparkly Eyeliner: The ever-popular spin off from the thick black eyeliner circa 2008-2009. Usually bought from Victoria’s Secret, which made it that much cooler. It was often seen in combination with the thick eyeliner as a thin line between any remaining uncolored skin and the black abyss.


3. The Poof: Rumor has it this was made famous by Snookie of Jersey Shore. The bigger the better, and the only way to really do it right was to straighten the rest of your hair as flat as it would go. RIP poof: 2007-2010

4. The First Foundation: Unfortunately I suffered from really bad acne during high school and I occasionally still get flare ups. Now I know how to adequately cover up blemishes, but when my mom first bought me Bare Minerals in 2007 there was only one word in my vocabulary. CAKE.


5. The Second Foundation: Once I graduated from Bare Minerals, to drug store make up– don’t ask why that regression made sense to me– I learned about pressed powder and cream. I try not to think of this era (2011) because it brings back cringe worthy memories, such as the time one of my best friends told me I looked like a porcelain doll with painted skin. Which I thought was a great compliment at the time.


(Ft the friend who taught me how to color in my eyelids)


6.The scrunched hair: I don’t mean to hate on this look but it really only looks good on a few people, mainly those with naturally uber curly hair, which I do not have. Around the same time I was plastering my face with creamy pressed powder, I was scrunching my hair. For those of you who don’t know what it is, just picture damp hair being coated with sticky moose, and forced into beachy waves until it’s a fire hazard.

7. Too dark makeup: Being honest, this happens to a lot of people from time to time. It’s reasonable to not realize the slow deterioration of your summer color into a casper like appearance until someone (your mom) starts rubbing your chin saying she can see your makeup line.  The problem for me was in 2008 I was PURPOSELY doing it–using too dark of makeup that is. It’s impossible to tell if this was another one of the great Snookie’s influences, or I really thought orange looked good.


(Ft. little bro)

Well there you have it, some of my *favorite* beauty trials and errors. Hope you don’t make the same mistakes I did, or if you do that you can laugh about them in a few years! Feel free to comment with your favorite makeup throwbacks


6 thoughts on “Throwback Makeup Habits (High school)

  1. courtneybuege says:

    This is such a great post! And a great idea! Totally gonna do this on my blog lol I went through the whole goth/scene thing so I bet I could give you a run for your money! Lol love this.


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