Favorites of Summer

For the past few summers I have been working as a stats intern at a major pharmaceutical company. When I am not wearing business casual for that, I would like to think I’m pretty fashionable. My second job is in retail and it keeps me busy and up on the latest fashion to say the least. So here are some of my favorite looks for summer 2015.

These shorts (skirt? skort?) are amazing. I bought my first one a year or two ago from Forever 21, and this year I decided to buy three more because I found myself wearing them so much (aka I spilled something on my first white one). I don’t particularly like my thighs, and wearing skirts all the time is a hassle and sometimes too dressy. This is the perfect solution.


Rompers. I didn’t own one before this year and I was missing out. Don’t make the same mistake I did! I bought this one for $15 (S/O Charlotte Russe). The stripes are enough of a pattern that I don’t really have to wear anything else with it to stand out (as opposed to a solid color one), but they aren’t so crazy that I can’t wear a sweater with it if it’s cold. When I pair this with a long gold necklace, you better believe I get compliments at my retail job.The ONE problem is when you have to go to the bathroom you have to take the whole thing off, which is a little annoying but totally worth it.



Two words. White. Jeans. I have had a strange obsession with white pants this summer, and jeans are no exception. These white jeans are skinny so you could wear them with a heel or a sandal and not think twice about it. White jeans are just so versatile during the summer–I even wore them to my internship once (shhh don’t tell).



No summer essentials list would be complete without sperrys. I love my sperrys and have been wearing them since my junior year of highschool. My dad swears by their arch support, so if that’s an issue for you I definitely recommend these. I wear them for everything from taking the dogs out to the beach. They go with shorts, jeans skirts, you name it. Heck, I would wear them with everything on this list!


I’m not going to put high waisted shorts,maxi skirts or crop tops. I like them in general, but I just don’t reach for them that often. They are a little fad-ish (sorry festival goers) and I don’t really roll that way. I’m more of a classics girl if you couldn’t tell.

LOL right after I posted my OOTD where I wore both a crop top and maxi skirt.


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