Forever 21 Haul!

So if you have read my OOTD section, you probably know my mom and I did a little bonding over some shopping. Until I was about 18-19 my mom would buy all my clothes, then around the time I got my internship and went to college,  she slowly stopped paying for non- necessities  and as an undesired result, we stopped shopping all the time together. So last night was a chance for us to really go shopping again (she even tried on and bought a few things!!).

Everything in this picture I got for $94!! The F21 near me is HUGE and it was having a sale, so that only fueled the fire.

F21 haul 6:29

The yellow dress is what I wore to work today, it is from the contemporary line, as is most of the stuff in the picture. I tend to gravitate to that “section”. Since this line runs a little big, they suggest getting a 1/2 size up–which really makes no sense at F21. Either way, I got a xs, after trying on the s and xs.



I also go this blue dress for work. I’m not sure if I will wear it this week, but for sure in the weeks to come! I can’t find a picture of it on their website, but it was on great sale…$11! so maybe they don’t have it anymore?

I didn’t have a chambray shirt ( I know who am I?) and this one was perfect! (I actually bought this one…my mom and I decided I would pay for part of my haul).



I also cannot find the white skirt pictured. I know it was also on sale ($8!!). I’m not sure if this will ever see the light -or lack there off cause I work in the basement- of my internship.

My favorite sweaters! They are only $8 so if you spill on it or snag it, it’s virtually disposable. My mom doesn’t like these because they’re too thin, but that’s part of the reason I like them! And there’s tons of colors!



And finally, my mom’s least favorite shirt. She refused to buy this for me, but I still really wanted it, so I bought it myself. I can’t wear my pencil skirts out downtown…




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