101 Things in 1001 Days

While reading another blog I came across this idea. I love the idea of having a bucket list, but I don’t know if I can keep up with one for my whole life. 1001 days seems doable.

Start: July 3, 2015

End: March 30, 2018

  1. Read 50 Books
  2. Apply for Fulbright ETA
  3. Buy a lilly dress
  4. Complete my senior project
  5. Backpack through Thailand/South East Asia
  6. Pay $1000 off my loan from my parents
  7. Clean out the home office
  8. Move out on my own
  9. See the sunrise somewhere new
  10. Work retail black friday
  11. Learn a new language
  12. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  13. Study for the LSAT 4x a week
  14. Take the LSAT
  15. Go to a club
  16. Order bottle service at said club
  17. Get a pedicure with my mom
  18. Visit Paris
  19. Find a mentor
  20. Start a youtube channel
  21. Learn SQL
  22. Graduate College
  23. Apply for Law School
  24. Get an adventurous hair cut
  25. Try a new sushi roll
  26. Reach 100 followers
  27. Go bird watching with my dad
  28. Learn how to use my DSLR camera better
  29. Go to a vineyard
  30. Go on Giant Drop
  31. Get into a habit of reading news
  32. Visit LA
  33. Meet a friend online
  34. Eat a cronut
  35. Have puppies born at my house
  36. Paint my high school bedroom
  37. Clean out my closet
  38. Finish writing a short book
  39. Learn to buy and sell stocks
  40. Go on a date
  41. Stick to a task manager
  42. Try new foundation
  43. Work on my app
  44. See a speaker at school just because
  45. Learn to like coffee
  46. Finnish criminal minds
  47. Make up a recipe
  48. See a waterfall
  49. Take my mom on vacation
  50. Spend a random day with my grandparents (non-holiday)
  51. Go to Nashville
  52. Cook dinner 1x a week for 3 months
  53. Try nutella
  54. Buy something off HauteLook
  55. Hold a yard sale
  56. Buy a new watch
  57. Try eating clean for 2 weeks straight
  58. Haggle in a market
  59. Buy something off ebay
  60. Learn all the countries
  61. Re-design Tiny Paws website
  62. Eat a specialty cupcake
  63. Sit with someone who’s alone in the cafeteria
  64. Go on a job interview (even if I don’t need it)
  65. Make a cheescake
  66. Learn to mix cocktails at home
  67. Actually go to a football game, not just the tailgate
  68. Eat alone at a restaurant
  69. Go to a wedding
  70. Snorkel in the ocean
  71. Drive a sports car
  72. Visit a dive bar
  73. Be a mentor to someone else
  74. Pay-it forward to someone else
  75. Get professional pictures done of me or my family
  76. Visit a holocaust museum
  77. Ride a bike
  78. See the ocean
  79. Make homemade calzones
  80. Get a TEFL certification
  81. Go to a Full Moon party in Thailand
  82. See Angkor Wat
  83. Learn to use photo shop
  84. Craft another cooler
  85. Make vodka gummy bears
  86. Visit a city I have never been before
  87. Take a walk through the forest preserve
  88. Buy an expensive bottle of wine just because
  89. See a 3-D movie
  90. Get a fish pedicure
  91. Host a barbecue or summer party
  92. Eat breakfast in bed
  93. Buy something from the farmers market
  94. Donate clothing
  95. Try to reconnect with an old friend
  96. Learn to say basic phrases in 10 languages
  97. Do yoga
  98. Sleep in a hostel
  99. Take a class online
  100. Treat my parents to dinner
  101. Buy a lottery ticket

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