#Top3 Week 6/29

Sorry this post is a little late! I was feeling sick over the holiday weekend, so on top of working, and celebrating the holiday, I was also trying to catch up on sleep and rest. Anyway, here’s my #Top3 for last week:

Forever 21


My mom and I got a ton of stuff from here this week. It has been a while since I went on F21 spree and it was well overdue. The F21 closest to me is HUGE and they were also having a sale. So win-win.

Tory Burch Wallet


As you can tell from the picture in my OOTD post from a few days ago, this thing is well loved. I got it during my first year interning and I am about ready for a new one. I just love the simple style and high quality (LOL as the metal is tarnishing). But seriously this thing is great, I can even fit my phone in it and use it as a clutch when I want

Vera Bradley Lanyard


I get a new one of these every year or so because they really take a beating throughout the year( I swear I’m not as reckless with my things as this post is making me seem haha). It’s also really fun to pick out new Vera prints!


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