#Top3 Week of 7/12


Hello all! It is time once again for my weekly #Top3! Somehow I missed a week in the beginning of July–I feel like I have done one of these for every week I have been blogging but, I’m not going to dwell on it.

1. COPCO Travel Mug/ Starbucks’ Veranda Coffee

I either bring my own coffee (Starbucks’ brew at home) or I get a venti at the cafeteria. I pretty much strictly drink Starbucks’ Veranda blend with a splash of milk. This summer was the first time I have really drank coffee on a regular basis and I still find myself cringing at the bitterness from time to time. I have been battling chronic migraines so the caffeine is not only necessary to take the edge off of that, but also to make it through my 8 am meetings.


(here and here)

2. LongChamp Le Pilage in Large

I am not sure I have gotten the opportunity to rave about this bag on my own blog> I know I have commented on a few others about how often I use this bag. I really do use it for everything. It is my school bag and holds all my books and my computer going to class. I use it while traveling, it’s my purse 90% of the time. I use it when I go on a short overnight somewhere. It’s my work bag to bring my computer back and forth during my internship…I could just go on. I have used this one straight for almost 3 years and it is only now starting to get small holes in the corners. Oh it’s also waterproof and totally cute!



3. Google Docs

If you haven’t been using google docs, go out, get yourself a gmail address and start using google docs. Maybe it’s just because I’m a computer science tech nerd, but I love the cloud storage. You can access and any of your documents anywhere you can sign on to your gmail account. You can share documents, spreadsheets and even powerpoint presentations and have other people edit them all in real time. The best part is it’s totally free!


(not really sure how to link this one: here )

What are your #top3 this week?


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