Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Faves

Hi Everyone!

For those of you who don’t know, Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale right now! Nordstrom has been my go-to-departments store for a while now and their anniversary sale is a big deal. I was originally going to combine all my favorites into one post, but I have so many that I decided to split it up. So up first: Beauty!

7:17 brow 7:17 clinique 7:17 lip 7:17 mac 7:17 makeup 7:17 purity

7:17 si

  1. Anastasia ‘Brow Studio Set: $36
  2. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream: $46.50
  3. MAC Look in a Box- Fashion Lover Lip Kit: $29.50
  4. MAC Look in a Box- Classic Black Eye Kit: $36.50
  5. Ted Baker London Bow Trapeze Cosmetics Case: $29.90
  6. Purity Duo: $53
  7. Si Giorgio Armani Set: $105

I was so hard to pick just these few! Keep watching for my fashion faves next!


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