Latest Fashion Search: A Great Rain Coat

Hi Everyone! Today’s post is dedicated to my most recent fashion search: a great rain coat. It is certainly a must have on college campuses in the midwest and I seem to have a history of rain coat drama.

Freshmen year,  I didn’t really have a rain coat, opting for hooded sweatshirts and/or an umbrella. It wasn’t the smartest idea, but I didn’t have the organization or the funds to go out and buy one myself.

At the very end of freshmen year I bought one with my sorority letters on it. It was great, very large with a great pocket, black ( which I have a mild obsession of) with a wide white stripe, and it had a large hood. It was slightly oversized but it was nice if I was wearing a sweater. The ONLY problem with this was that it was a pullover and when I would get to class, sometimes I would get wet when I pulled it back over my head. Here is a picture of one very similar.



It was super similar to this except black with a white horizontal strip across the front.

Then I deactivated and although I wasn’t explicitly told, I wasn’t supposed to wear anything with my letters on it, I thought it wasn’t very considerate. I still wore it if I was in a bind since the letters were small and I could easily cover them with my hair. Read about my sorority decision here.

Then I got this great Eddie Bauer rain coat:



This was a great replacement for my sorority one, it was black (again yay!) and fit me very nicely. I didn’t have the pullover issue with this one, since it zipped straight up the front.  But at some point drunk me thought this very nice new rain coat would make a good fracket (frat jacket for those who are unfamiliar) and I brought it to a unknown fraternity and it was lost forever.

So now I am rain coatless and shopping. Below are a few of the contenders. I would love you get your opinion on these or others!









Help a girl out! Let me know your thoughts/ suggestions


6 thoughts on “Latest Fashion Search: A Great Rain Coat

  1. ashchappy says:

    I have the woman’s north face on in black, and I absolutely love it! It is fitted so it fits nicely around my waist and it isn’t like those baggy rain jackets you often see. Definitely recommend!


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