July Top Picks

Hello Everyone! With July wrapping up, I thought I would do a July favorites post. Even though it’s killing me to hold off until a little later to write about fall fashion and back to school shopping, I am going to take today to address the season we are currently in: SUMMER!

I haven’t done many posts about summer fashion for two reasons: 1. I am working 50+ hours a week during the summer so my summer outfits are mostly just work clothes. 2. I don’t wear a ton of shorts, I don’t think they are that flattering on me. I LOVE the idea of J.Crew 3” chinos as much as the next girl but I just don’t reach for them.

Anyways….Here’s my July/Summer favorites!


1. Lilly Pulitzer Dress: This is a classic staple of any summer wardrobe. Lilly is THE name for summer. I just recently purchased a seersucker scalloped skirt and I cannot be more happy.

2. Ray Bans: Sunglasses not only look good but these protect your eyes from the damaging sun.  They come in polarized which is always nice if you are on the water.

3. White skort: I have posted about how much I love my white skort and it could not be more true. The asymetrical cut gives it a little edge and the white goes with everything. I got mine at the Express outlet, which doesn’t have a website, but here is their link so you can see if they have a store near you!

4. Gingham: Gingham is one of my all time favorites. I have button ups in purple, navy and light green. They are a preppy essential.

5. Seersucker Swimsuit: With my two jobs I don’t have much time to go swimming, but if I did this is what I would be wearing. Seersucker is another classic pattern and what is a summer favorites list without a bikini?

6. Palm Beach Sandals: A lesser known fact is that these were the original Jack Rogers. Palm Beaches were worn by Jackie Kennedy and even Lilly Pulitzer herself.  Jacks are WAY too skinny for my feet and Palm Beaches are so much better quality in my opinion!

7. Ralph Lauren Hat: Also popular is the Vineyard Vines hat. These are great for going to the beach or just running errands and keeping the sun out of your eyes!

8. J.Crew Chinos: I know I said I didn’t like shorts, but these are the one shorts I would really wear, and they are a summer classic!

9. Longchamp bag: Le Pilage bags are so great for pretty much everything. You can take it to the beach and the sand just rolls right off. They are water proof, so you don’t have to worry about them getting wet either!

What are your summer favorites?


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